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dragon saga

Reimagined social media! A social media platform specifically designed for brand and consumer interaction. Kinnect2 bring an opportunity for consumers to talk directly to the brand and share their views and reviews about products and services etc. while the brands can launch their campaigns.

archer diaries

Archer Diaries World Tour is the toughest and the most fun filled 3D archery experience on a mobile device in a long time. ADWT is loaded with high end 3D graphics, challenging missions, absorbing environments, engaging music, an ever shuffling leaderboard and a chance to be the number 1 archer of the virtual world.


In Reflectia - the player will come face to face with a peril of finding the right surfaces and angles for Luna to bounce off and reach her destination. Try pushing your brain cells and reflect on the problem at hand and rearrange a few basic shapes to come out as the winner. Find out if there’s light for you at the end of the tunnel.


LAUNCH HEADS is a tribute, by Blue Orca Studios, to two of the great entities of the virtual world, The Minions and Angry Birds. Angry Birds has amassed the revenue, recognition and glory very few games have been able to experience on mobile platforms. On the other hand Minions have proved to be the most famous and loved character of the past decade.

king cobra

Kinga cobra is a slot machine game. However, unlike other slot games, King Cobra has a much more intuitive design and gameplay. A user friendly, pleasing for the eyes slot machine game that will have the players spend hours trying to hit the jackpot. This is the one game that’s going to keep you up till late, hoping for the best!